New website launch

Our website overhaul has been long, long overdue and having already commissioned one we weren’t 200% happy with we decided in the end to take this one in house and do it ourselves.  Creatives and film makers are programmed to be highly obsessive on detail and will hold any work being commissioned and subject to the focus of their attention as tantamount to art.  Therefore the web company was always destined for a little criticism.

So having researched a number of options as to way forward we had Joomla and Open Source platforms high on the list as future proof solutions that allow for intuitive content management.  But once we looked in to WordPress the decision to go with that platform was quickly made as it is so powerful, so stylish and has a massive development community supporting and developing the platform all the time.  We decided on a template that met our needs and then spent a number of weeks gathering all the content together, formulating the copy, finessing the final look and solving minor issues.

A website is an ever changing beast so while everything is not quite 100% right now we decided that it was great enough to go.  It is typical when we work to such high standards that all our spare energy and time is absorbed in to current projects that always gobble all available.  So we would really like to stress that it can be partly charming to have a slightly outdated website and while we are pleased with the new one we have produced here we ask that you to not hold creatives and film makers to such high standards when it comes to their websites.

This new website is “responsive” which is the technical term for mobile proof, i.e. it works on mobile phones and iPads so we encourage you to check it out in that respect and report any issues you may discover.  Inevitably there will be errors in relation to content so apologies in advance if there are mistakes, missing or incorrect credits.  Please do let us know any corrections and we will do our best to remedy as quickly as possible.

We hope you like ….