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Split Second Films is an award independent production company that specialises in the creation of motion pictures intended for international and cinematic release. The company collaborates with a creative team on a project by project basis as it develops its own media content. We also look to co-produce on outside projects maintaining a busy slate of feature films which are targeted at international audiences. Our taste is for strong character driven drama which can also fall in to a genre category such as dark comedy, horror, road film, soft sci-fi and coming-of-age.  Split Second Films is a member of BAFTA.


The management of the company has extensive experience in production as well as project management and more recently there has been demand for skills that can perform in both traditional media and digital media arenas. Our practitioners embrace Agile and Waterfall practices being Certified Scrum Master as well as PRINCE2 Practitioners. Being passionate about story we look to engage on projects that have strong user engagement experience.

Back Story

Originally the company traded as Tannemil Limited through the 1990’s when activity centred around IT specific projects.  When detailed work in the fields of GUI and story were undertaken through post millennium the company shifted its direction towards media production.  To accurately reflect this new direction it was decided to change the company name to Split Second Films Ltd in February 2005.  Prior to this short film projects “Solo Party” (2003) and “Wheeling Dealing” (2004) were produced and enjoyed successes, the latter which was exhibited by the Odeon Cinema.  In 2006 production of Patrick Whittaker’s comedy/drama “Raspberry Ripple” (2007) took flight and this went on to win best film at its world première in Canada and later picked up nomination of best film in Melbourne, Australia.  The company then started to work with regional screen agencies in the English regions and with the UK Film Council on development and production of short live action and animation films.  The first of these films was Stephen Irwin‘s dark animation “Bows & Arrows” (2006) and commissioned by Film London and the UK Film Council.  The film proved very popular with international film festivals both mainstream and animation specific and the film picked up an accolade at Milan where it won Jury Special Mention.  In 2007 the company worked with Spool Films in Nottingham on two films commissioned by East Midlands Media and the UK Film Council.  The first film was Richard Porter’s dark drama “The Imaginary Girl” (2007) which played at A-list festivals being supported by the British Council.  The second film was Peter Baynton‘s comedy animation “Over The Hill” (2007) which also received support from the British Council and proved a great hit with A-list festivals winning a number of best film and audience awards and having met certain qualifying criteria this film was subsequently submitted for consideration to the Academy Awards in 2009.  With a catalogue of successes in place and strong relationships already forged with regional cast and crew the company set about putting its first feature film production in place and a number of projects were considered.  In late 2009 discussions started with visual FX artist and horror director Alex Chandon on his feature film project which would transpire to be the horror/comedy “Inbred” (2011).  The company worked with the commissioning company New Flesh Films GmbH of Germany and took sole responsibility for the production through summer 2010 in Yorkshire.  Also in 2009 the company was successful in securing substantial funding from the training body Skillset who recognising the company’s USP as a one stop shop for both film and digital production made a considerable funding award to enable the company to undergo specialist training.  Following a year in post production “Inbred” was released in August 2011 and continues to enjoy success on the festival circuit having won awards for Best Film, Best Sound Track and numerous awards for Best Special FX at many international film festivals.  In January 2012 Arclight‘s label Darclight picked up world sales and has sold and continues to sell a number of territories.  Also in 2010 the company worked with East Midlands Media and the UK Film Council producing Charlie Sen’s commissioned horror film “Diary of a Thagee” (2011) which premièred in London to a Best Film nomination.

Amidst the film projects the company likes to keep busy and consults on digital and e-commerce solutions in the web sphere, do get in touch if you are interested in finding out further information.


  • Production and Co-Production 100%

  • Full life cycle project management 100%

  • Agile Practices 100%

  • Waterfall and PRINCE2 100%

  • Audience Reach 100%

  • Awards and red carpet events 100%

  • Script Development and packaging 100%

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