a selection from what's currently in the works

At Split Second Films we have an in house development slate of projects at various stages which means that while some are being creatively worked on others may need to be momentarily put to one side.  Stories originate from all sorts of places; real life events and characters, an image, an inspiration , dream, influence of an artistic nature etcetera. Split Second Films looks towards strong character driven stories which may also fall within a genre such as dark comedy, horror, rites of passage, soft sci-fi. We maintain that variety is the spice of life.  Projects are developed in house and also we look at spec scripts. If you have a script or project you wish to bring to our attention please get in touch with a short introduction about the story and the creative team to discuss and if interested we will request script, if available. Here below is a small selection of the projects on our development slate.



rothers Des and Dave Gilroy are as mad as hell. They were looking forward to a comfortable retirement in Spain until a crooked property developer swindled them out of their life savings. Now they aim to take revenge on not just the property developer but also the bank and solicitor he was in cahoots with.
The police think the urban terrorist known as the Bluebird Bomber is young and idealistic. Little do they realise he is in fact two silver-haired pensioners who won’t rest until they’re paid £2,000,000.
The Gilroys are out to teach the Establishment a lesson and to remind themselves you’re never too old rock’n’roll.


A woman suffering from night terrors seeks treatment at a sleep disorder clinic, only to discover that the shadowy being tormenting her is actually real.  The story mixes suspense with psychological horror and creepy creature action.  The clinic being situated on an island will make for a claustrophobic atmosphere.

Top Hollywood special effects make-up expert and director Steve Wang (FX credits – Predator, Aliens Versus Predator, Blade: Trinity, Underworld, etc) created some concept drawings and a sculpted maquette of the creature to help convey the creepiness of the shadowy being.

The script is written by Ken Miller and is currently being developed.


It is Ireland, 1816. Twenty year old John Melmoth visits his uncle’s death bed in the Wicklow Mountains. He learns of his ancestor, Melmoth the Wanderer, who has roamed the earth for 200 years as part of a pact he made with the Devil. If the Wanderer can find someone to take over his infernal contract before his time is up, he will be released from its awful consequences. Otherwise he is damned for all eternity. An ancient manuscript reveals how the Wanderer tormented an Englishman called Stanton in an attempt to persuade him to exchange their fates. Further stories concerning the Wanderer are uncovered by John and his pregnant wife, Elizabeth. With time running out, the Wanderer has returned home to die. Upon discovering that John has fatal consumption and dreads his unborn child growing up fatherless, the Wanderer realises he might yet be saved. Based on the classic gothic novel of the same name written in 1820 in Ireland by Charles Maturin, the great uncle of Oscar Wilde.

SIMILAR FILMS – “The Others”, “Sleepy Hollow”, “Dracula” (the Hammer version), “Interview with the Vampire”, “Nosferatu” (the remake).

TAG LINE – For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?


Christina, a girl upon the verge of womanhood, is suffering an identity crisis. With her childhood behind her, life is no longer simple. She questions things she once took for granted and rebels against authority. A gifted violinist, she is sent to Paris to take part in a contest for young musicians but absconds across Europe in an attempt to find her real self. She gets it into her head that she is adopted and that her real mother lives in Romania; so she heads for a country on the edge of Europe which she believes is full of fairy tale castles and exotic gypsies.


It is Cork, Ireland, in 1974. This is the story of a family, the tensions within and with their wider community amidst the undercurrents of IRA recruitment during the hottest summer on record.