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  • producer Yazid Benfeghoul & director Alex Chandon in Neuchatel

    producer Yazid Benfeghoul & director Alex Chandon in Neuchatel

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  • Neuchatel - lake and hotel

    Neuchatel - lake and hotel

November 2012 news round up

This is the first ever news bulletin created for the new website so highlights from the year 2012 are included.  In future we expect to publish every 2 or 3 months and more regularly on our Face Book page.

Digital work dominated the earlier half of the year when we worked on a microsite at Publicis Chemistry for Kraft Foods for their Tassimo brand and this was called “The Secret Garden”.  It was interesting in that it was a microsite or web project which was also campaign led and therefore like all campaigns had a limited shelf life.  Also at Publicis Chemistry we worked on banner adverts for Orange, these ranged from the small web pop ups to the massive digital outdoors for venues like Heathrow Airport and Kings X train station.

Summer kicked off nicely with the Cannes Film Festival in May where we spent a week catching up with industry contacts, meeting new people and watching films in and out of competition.  We saw our friend Dominic Brunt’s directorial debut “Before Dawn” and were suitably scared by what we found to be quite a suspenseful film.  The weirdest film we saw in competition was the film “Holy Motors” directed by Leos Carax, it is a little special to say the least!  Our own debut feature film “Inbred” had some market screenings which our sales agent Arclight Films took care of and territories Benelux and USA were sold.  The annoying thing with Cannes this year was definitely the weather; stormy, torrential rain and cold, almost made us long to be back in England again which is not a reason to go to Cannes for.

Next festival was Neuchatel International Fantasy Film Festival in Switzerland in July where “Inbred” was playing in competition and we were joined by our German producer Yazid Benfeghoul and director Alex Chandon.  The festival showered us with hospitality and possibly the first festival attended where the pass entitled us to free cocktails.  We saw a number of European horror and fantasy films there and probably the one that stuck with us most was the winning film “Citadel” written and directed by Ciaran Foy.  The highlight was watching our own film “Inbred” with director Alex Chandon who was in a right state of giggles from start to finish.  Oh and a still from “Inbred” making full page image in culture section of national newspaper “Le Temps”.  It was picture postcard Switzerland here with a fabulous lake we also swam in, we recommend Neuchatel in or out of film festival.

Lots of time this year was spent on script development of projects in development, reading scripts and books and exploring potential projects with new writers and new directors.  We don’t count the number of scripts and books read but maybe we should consider doing that.

We are very pleased with how “Inbred” continues to perform on the festival scene winning an increasing number of awards for special fx, best film and sound track, it is testament to the talent, hard work and contributions made all round by all the crew and cast, check out the “Inbred” website for all the details and latest information.  Release of “Inbred” in the UK happened on October 15th and this was preceded by cinema screenings arranged by our distributor Anchor Bay, notably the Irish première which took place in Cork at the lovely Triskel Arts Centre.

Work on the new website started late October and getting this out has been the latest top priority, more on that later.

Now back to that book …